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123,500 positions were abolished, including almost 1000 colonel positions.

The resignation of 3000 other servicemen included 46 generals of which 15 were colonel generals.

During the 1990s, the financial stringency felt throughout the armed forces made its mark on the Air Forces as well.

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The major commands of the former Soviet VVS – the Long Range Aviation, Military Transport Aviation and Frontal Aviation were renamed, with few changes, Russian VVS commands.

Military Transport Aviation planes took more than 40,000 families to new residence areas.

The short-lived operational commands were abolished. Two air armies, 37th Air Army (long-range aviation) and 61st Air Army (former Military Transport Aviation), were established directly under the Supreme Command.

During the 2000s, the Air Forces continued to suffer from a lack of resources for pilot training.

In the 1990s Russian pilots achieved approximately 10% of the flight hours of the United States Air Force.

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