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He wis awairdit the World Music Award for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist three times: 1998 for album "Nour El Ain", 2002 for album "Aktrr Wahed Byhbak 2001" an 2007 for album "El Lillady".Amr Diab wan The African Music Awards 2009, Big Apple Music Awards; Life Achievements Awards: Best Singer of The Year in 2009, an Best Male Act in African Music Awards 2010 an aw.The film premiered in the Egyptian Film Festival in 1993.Amr played alangside international Egyptian movie star Omar Sharif (Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago) an Yousra.is an Egyptian sangster an componer o geel muisic an the contemporar face o Egyptian el-geel pop muisic, accordin tae World Music.

The Dream or El Helm is a biographical TV production produced by Amr Afefy that gives viewers the story of Amr Diab's life.Amr Diab is ane o the top sangsters in the Arab warld an considered a livin legend bi mony o his fans in the Arab warld. In his analysis o The Very Best of Amr Diab album, Victor W.Valdivia o Allmusic said: "His music melded traditional Arabic sounds and textures with Western rhythms and instruments."Habibi" frae Diab's 1996 album Nour El Ain became a hit warldwide an wis remixed bi mony o the warld's top DJs at the time.A special CD namit Habibi: The Remix Album wis released later wi aw o these remixes.

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