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Peter Scazzero says Christians cannot grow spiritually while remaining emotionally immature because our souls and psyches are inextricably linked.

The Lord’s Prayer is Revolutionary: An Interview with R. Through the centuries the Lord’s Prayer has been domesticated and tamed, turned into a safe series of comforting words and made familiar by repetition.

Physical evidence may nonetheless exist to demonstrate that an oversized race of men did indeed dominate parts of prehistoric South America.

Oral stories of giant kings among the native Indians (principly [sic] the Aymara) looking for gold in Peru go back as far as the great Irish King Ophir mentioned in the Old Testament (I Chronicles 29: 3-9, Job 22: 24 Job 28: 16 Isa 12: 13).

izdanju Novum Testamentum Graece Nestle-Alanda (Nestle-Aland. Greek-English New Testament, Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1994.), istovjetnom s biblijskim tekstom 4. Ovaj se prijevod prepoznatljivo naslanja na kritički grčki tekst u pogledu vjernosti na sadržaj, misao i izričaj, gdje god to tvorbene mogućnosti hrvatskoga jezika dopuštaju.

izdanja The Greek New Testament (United Bible Societes), koje su priredili Kurt Aland, Matthew Black, Carlo M. ©2001, Međunarodni centar za život, 51000 Rijeka, Primorska 2Korišteno s dozvolom.

As I said they [sic] are oral legends and no university has ever catalogued them.

They are found like the petroglyphs along the Mississippi that pertain to the Burrows Cave.

Now that may not satisfy you, but I can't help that.According to the clipping, explorers had unearthed, near the Arizona-Nevada-California line, the mummified remains of strangely costumed giants which the discoverers dated to around 80,000 years ago. Hieroglyphics, he added, bear a resemblance to what is known of those from the lost continent of Atlantis. of Los Angeles speaking before the Transportation Club, disclosed that several well-preserved mummies were taken yesterday from caverns in an area roughly 180 miles square, extending through much of southern Nevada from Death Valley, Calif. "The texture of the material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today."MARKINGS DISCOVEREDHill said that in another cavern was found the ritual hall of the ancient people, together with devices and markings similar to those now used by the Masonic order.They are chiseled, he added, on carefully polished granite. (AP)-- A retired Ohio doctor has discovered relics of an ancient civilization, whose men were 8 or 9 feet tall in the Colorado desert near the Arizona-Nevada-California line, an associate said today. In a long tunnel were well-preserved remains of animals including elephants and tigers. He said the explorers believe that what they found was the burial place of the tribe's hierarchy.But when truly considered, the Lord’s Prayer is meant to turn the world upside down.You must be logged in to view your newly purchased content.

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