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"I want you to listen very carefully, Tiffany," Mr. "In order for you to be able to cum, I'm going to have to cum, too. Suddenly, she felt her teacher's hot cum spurting onto her tongue, and his hypnotic suggestion took hold.That's the only way you can cum tonight is to make me cum." Tiffany's eyes flew open in panic, and she saw her math teacher standing next to her head, his trousers down to his ankles, his huge erection bobbing a few inches from her face. She knew she should be afraid of the large organ, and what Mr. She tipped over the edge into her own orgasm and began to cum hard.Her slender waist flared out into rounded hips, and from there on down she was nothing but long, tanned legs. Her family's money kept her tanned, with regular trips to a tanning salon, and exquisitely groomed with regular trips to the best hair stylist in town. I don't feel well," Tiffany said, her voice taking on the pleading tone of a little girl. And the rule for the day was, she could not take them out. She had to suffer, all day long, both the physical discomfort of the nasty little insects violating all of her private parts, and the psychological pain of knowing that she was not allowed to do anything about. In order to do so, she had to stand so close that her 36-C breasts mashed into the blackboard as well. To relax her, he asked about cheerleading, about her other classes, about where she wanted to go to college. "Here, lie back, Tiffany, you'll feel better," Brown purred. Everything seemed so strange, like it was happening to her but not happening to her. The effect was to spread her legs wide apart, which wasn't difficult for a girl used to doing the splits as a cheerleader.She had been told, frequently, by boys at school that she resembled the tennis player Anna Kournikova. She worried that she was getting yellow chalk marks all over her blouse right over her breasts, which would call even more attention to them the rest of the day. Tiffany drank nervously, and answered, and began to think that maybe her math teacher didn't want to fuck her after all. "Oh you're fine, Tiffany, just fine," the scheming teacher reassured her. Her nipples seemed to be more sensitive - she could feel them pushing against the inside of her bra. It also pulled her pussy lips wider apart, exposing more of a special place.(Named for Godfrey Daniels, Tiffany's grandfather, making her one of the town's blue bloods, and one of its biggest snobs.) Even in days past, when Tiffany had dressed like a typical teenaged girl, she had been a vision of pure desirability. Fire ants, Tiffany knew, would bite her tenderest places repeatedly and be a hellish agony far worse than the tickling of the regular ants. And if he knew, detention would be far, far worse than the chalk circle. " "Oh, please, oh God," Tiffany burbled, almost starting to hyperventilate. He clicked rewind for a second, and Tiffany's voice filled the room, admitting her transgression. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore little makeup, but she was still a knockout. Her heart was hammering, her bountiful breasts heaving again under the shirt. It contained half a dose of GBH, a tranquilizer that was another version of a "Roofie," or date-rape drug, mixed with half a dose of Ecstasy, the tripping drug used at raves. "Yeah, you're really feeling warm, sweetheart," Mr. God, they felt so good and tingly, Tiffany thought. In Tiffany's mind, there was only the male voice telling her what to do, and the the strange but increasingly wonderful way her young body felt.She stood five feet seven inches, weighed 115 pounds, and had blonde wavy hair that fell down over her shoulders and gorgeous blue eyes. Because the truth was, she did have ants in her pants. It would mean she'd have to keep the ants in her pants after the final bell. Brown noticed approvingly how her sweater was rising and falling rapidly, thrust out by her heaving bosoms as she gulped in air. "So just take that last little step and tell me what you did." "I I I I cheated, sir. " "You cheated on my algebra test, Tiffany Daniels? She wore khaki pants and a long-sleeved navy T-shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. Even together, the dosages would not knock Tiffany out, just give her a mellow buzz, a feeling of being disconnected from what was growing on. Meanwhile, Brown leaned over and unlaced her tennis shoes, pulling them off. She used her fingers to pry open her lips, and began to rub her clitoris through its little hood. She was oblivious to everything except the warmth spreading out from her young pussy.The older man's cum spurted and spurted, hot and salty, and she began to swallow, as her pussy began to spasm.Her hand kept busy on her clit, rubbing furiously, as Green rammed his cock into her mouth again and again until his balls were drained.

"Well then," said Brown, "I guess you get first crack at her tomorrow." CHAPTER THREE THE ONE WITH THE GOLDEN OLDIE And that's how it had started, Tiffany thought, as she prayed for the bell to ring to signal the end of English class. They have been edited so there is no sign as to who made them.

It was an outfit that virtually screamed "Look at me! She had let one such boy, Brad, get as far as a hand down her panties and a finger teasing her teen pussy lips, and it felt better than anything had ever felt in her life, but she didn't want to get carried away, and it stopped the necking session, leaving Brad with a case of blue balls. It was a maddening tickle, and made her slightly horny. Her mind drifted back three days earlier, when her ordeal began. So she had made up a tiny cheat sheet on a piece of paper the size of a matchbox with the half-dozen formulas she needed but hadn't memorized. Brown was busy grading papers at his desk, she had pulled the cheat sheet out and placed it beside her test and gone to work. His erection strained against the front of his pants, and he thought how nice it would be to get out of this damn closet, whip out his massive prick and plunge it into her boiling twat. John Brown, her math teacher, saw the Tiffany was approaching her orgasm. "Now suck on it, Tiffany." A tiny part of the drug-addled girl's brain knew this was wrong, but she didn't have the strength to object or fight.

Brad had only told a couple of friends, but that was enough to get Tiffany branded a "prick tease" around Daniels High School. She exuded the confidence of the young, rich, good-looking teenaged girl, the kind who got out on the basketball floor every Friday night in her tight cheerleading uniform, and knew that every male cock in the arena was twitching over her. God, what a slut, she thought to herself, I've got an insect crawling on my clitty and I'm getting off on it. I cheated on one lousy little test, and now I here I am with my panties taped to my body and my pussy full of ants. The 16-year-old beauty was so engrossed in the test, her head bent low over the paper, that she hadn't realized Brown had gotten up and was walking through the room until he was standing right over her. Her breathing was getting ragged, her large breasts rode up and down, her fingers flew. Brown asked softly, his lips only inches away from Tiffany'e ear. It was so much easier to just do what he said, and keep fingering her pussy.

- all the while talking gently to her to keep her from freaking out.

Tiffany just hummed softly to herself, and seemed unaware of her surrounding.

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