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Just because you’re a genius with one audience doesn’t mean you’re a pro with another. The secret is to match online and off-line communication within context. When I worked for a high-profile Internet company, my peers and I were squished into a limited loft space.Though we sat shoulder-to-shoulder, everyone used IM as a primary means of communication for quiet and efficiency. Alia, you’re a rare find and a good friend Introduction: Text and the Single Girl 01: The Online Meet Market 02: The (Other) Elements of Style 03: Is That an Exclamation Point in Your Pocket? Heaps of gratitude to my agent Elisabeth Weed for making this project happen, and to Scott Mebus for his endless support, as well as Alia Malley for her tireless eyes and sardonic dating tales.But tech mishaps are bound to occur; they’ll simply happen less frequently once you’ve finished this book, Throughout we’ll discuss how to date, mate, and techno-relate with the men of your cyber dreams. And are booty-call blockers and self-destructing text messages necessary gimmicks—or passing fads, better replaced by good, old fashioned self-restraint? Effective communication is as much about listening as it is about talking.Mentally bookmark the following stumpers, which we’ll address in future chapters: Should you judge a man by his typos? This doesn’t mean you have to blab over the Internet with Skype to hear someone’s voice and pay attention to his words.Listening is about concentrating on language (yours and his)—and how it’s used.Specific tech trends will come and go, but once you learn how to behave within and despite these movements, your listening savvy will easily translate to future mediums. Words beg to be used, abused, or ignored altogether.

A virus-free computer and healthy sex drive are simply a means to developing these relationships.And how can you gauge his feelings without seeing his body language or even hearing his voice? And how can you gauge his feelings without seeing his body language or even hearing his voice? In The Joy of Text, real-life cyber-Cyrano Kristina Grish establishes hard and fast rules to help modern women navigate their love lives via technology; offers invaluable tips on how to analyze text, timing, and tone; and provides advice on etiquette in an age when the handwritten thank-you note is all but obsolete. G75 007 306.730285-dc22 2006019073 To my dad, with xox Special thanks to my talented editor Emily Westlake and everyone at Simon Spotlight Entertainment for their faith, enthusiasm, and hard work.We also have the chance to massively fall short with a slip of the Send button, moments too soon.

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