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Like many of the counties of Northern New Jersey near New York City—which tend to have sharp divides between relatively rich suburban neighborhoods and less wealthy, more densely populated cities nearby—the eastern region of Essex County tends to be poorer and more urbanized, while the western parts tend to be more affluent and suburban.

For example, north and west sides of Newark have well-kept suburban areas such as Vailsburg and Forest Hill. As of the 2016 Census estimate, the county's population was 796,914, making it the state's third-most populous county, It is part of the New York Metropolitan Area.Based on data from the 2010 census, Essex County is the 14th-most densely populated county in the United States, and was ranked second in the state after Hudson County (which ranked sixth in the nation at 13,731.4 per square mile).Essex County was the first county in the country to create a county park system (Essex County Park System), to ensure that it did not lose all its land to development.There are various attractions in Essex County, such as the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Grover Cleveland Birthplace, Newark Museum, Montclair Art Museum, and the Turtle Back Zoo.

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