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NET Subject: Re: [AR] Clubs Sent: 9/10/2001 PM Doyle: As far as I know the last active chapter of the American Amateur Rocket Society was disbanded in May of 1964.

They also have some impressive avionics capabilities.

They are also the amateur pioneers of hybrids; although GIRD launched a single hybrid, the PRS launched dozens using LOX and douglas fir, presto logs, cerasin wax/cotton mixure, and thiokol rubber.

It ran through the 60's and then was reinstated as originally chartered by the Morgan family. [email protected]-------- PRS, NSS on rmr: History of PRS NSS collaboration on Amspace Space Farer X-80 & proposal for funding projects

I was President of the American Amateur Rocket Society chapter at both places and founded both clubs.

[Bill thinks he is the "last member standing"] (From a Rocket: From: "Bill Bullock" bpbullock_at_LARIBAY.

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