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The magistrate can direct the abusive person to pay money: for the benefit of the abused person, for the benefit of a child, for rent, mortgage, utilities etc.

Maintenance orders may be made under the domestic violence legislation in The Bahamas, Belize, Guyana and Jamaica.

Victims of domestic violence in Belize, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago and The Bahamas may receive compensation from the abusive person for losses incurred as a result of the violence suffered.In Jamaica, there has been a recent and significant development at common law.A judge of the Supreme Court found that the tort of harassment is now explicitly recognized at common law (Sykes J in Claim No HCV 0852/2006 decided 24 March 2006).Persons involved in same-sex relationships are generally excluded from those who can seek relief under domestic violence legislation.Some countries have, in fact, limited the reach of the legislation by expressly providing that the relationship must be one “with a person of the opposite sex".

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