Older adults chat

Researchers asked participants to describe one of four objects to a partner who could only see three of the objects.

The researchers found older participants were more likely to mention details about the hidden object, revealing irrelevant information to their partner.

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“We work with Police Scotland and other organisations to ensure older people are aware of the need to keep certain information secure, and any research which helps promote this kind of activity is welcome.

The common features of messaging apps are: If you choose to use a different app than the one that came with your phone, or a variety of messaging apps specific to certain family, friends or business contacts, you should know that they all have the same set-up process.

You have to create an account based on your mobile phone number, verify with a text, and then allow the app to share your Contacts so that it works with the information in your device.

All smartphones come preloaded with a messaging app that allows you to send and receive texts.

These text messages are billed by your provider against your cellular phone plan.

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