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He needed to jump-start his company or face a slow death.

To deliver to advertisers and turn a profit, Yagan figured he needed eight million users and two million regular daters, roughly eight times his current traffic.

They munched pizza and drank cheap champagne out of red plastic cups, waiting to watch Crazy Blind in action and standing by to fix software bugs. Each night for the next few weeks, only a handful of love connections were made online.It severely limited the amount of information users could see about prospective dates.A blurred photo and a sentence-long description about one's expectations for the evening were required, with the option to answer three additional questions, including, "How will I recognize you?But the station balked, citing an editorial policy that prevented O'Keefe from doing the segment. Callie Snyder tried out the service, then blogged a review of one date gone comically bad with a young guy who professed a love for poker and pornography."It's one of those bargain basement things where you just don't know what you're going to get," says Snyder, who tried to use the service two more times before giving up.

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