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Maybe God sees the Philippines in a similar way that God sees all of us: beautiful but broken, caught in the cycle of wrongdoings and shame, but always within reach of grace and healing.

Katie Bergman the Director of Communications and Operations​ ​for the Set Free Movement, an international nonprofit that intervenes in human trafficking.

Families need better access to education and secure employment.

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What’s even harder to digest is that many of these cybersex businesses are operated by families. In the Philippines alone, cybersex is a billion-dollar industry profiting off tens of thousands of children, who are in no short supply given that 40 percent of the population is under 18. While other businesses and criminal industries require considerable start-up capital, live-streamed child porn is low-cost and virtually undetectable.The foster care system needs to be better equipped to support parents taking on children who have been removed from abusive households.Boys and male victims of trafficking need far greater access to shelter and rehabilitative services. Like any other form of human trafficking around the world, there is no one fix-all solution.Seeking mental health support must be accessible and de-stigmatized.Value systems fueling exploitation need to shift so that humans are loved instead of used and are taught that they have worth and value—no matter what their past looked like or how bleak their future might seem.

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