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“These high-end games, like Unreal Engine or Cry Engine, you know, your first-person shooters and such, they will probably have Direct X 12 versions very shortly.

And when they arrive, we’re talking about a pretty huge, instantaneous performance boost.” It sounds counterintuitive, but Wardell told me the performance gains with Direct X 12 will be greater the slower your CPU is.

Think carefully (I didn’t, and told Wardell, who asked me the same question, just one).

Microsoft’s Xbox One is supposed to get Windows 10 at some point yet this year, but Wardell says Direct X 12’s benefits are mostly PC-centric.“So if you have like a Core i5 [Intel’s mid-range CPU series] with a decent video card, you’ll actually see a bigger gain than if you have some monster Core i7 high-end CPU.” Again, the game has to be Direct X 12 aware to benefit, but it’s a fascinating, hugely ironic Windows 10 wrinkle that its chief beneficiaries may be gamers running older multicore hardware.“Because it’s using all your cores, Direct X 12 uses a lot less power,” says Wardell.It’s due to be playable via Steam Early Access next month (It’s also, incidentally, the first game with a Direct X 12 benchmark, adds Wardell.) But it’ll likely have company very soon.Wardell says it’s “not hard” to go to Direct X 12, and that his developers made the shift with relative ease.

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