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Robert Little, the Superintendent, and presented him with a copy of We now see by the Weekly Tribune and Marquette Review, that Mr.Lamont is the teacher of a public school at Pleasant Point, the Superintendent of a Sabbath School, and the Secretary of a Blue Ribbon Society (Temperance).We, your friends and neighbours, have gathered together this evening for the purpose of expressing the deep feelings of regret we entertain in regard to the occasion that calls us here----that of bidding you a formal farewell on the eve of your departure to a distant Province, but while we feel keenly our coming separation, our sorrow is not altogether unmixed with pleasure in the knowledge that you are going to a new home where your opportunities will be greatly improved for gaining a competence.And I can assure you on behalf of these, your assembled friends, that if your degree of success be proportionate to our well wishes for you, you will enjoy an era of prosperity in your new home that will be unprecedented even by the most fortunate of those migrating before you.

He was, of course, unable to pursue his journey, but Mr.

Take the Art of Building - the strongest - proudest - most enduring of the arts of man, that of which the produce is in the surest manner accumulative, and need not perish, or be replaced; but if once well done will stand more strongly than the unbalanced rocks - more prevalently than the crumbling hills.

The art which is associated with all civic pride and sacred principle; with which men record their power - satisfy their enthusiasm - make sure their defence - define and make dear their habitation...... Edward Ellis, son of Squire Ellis, Puslinch, accompanied the first expedition to Fort Garry, and remained in the service until last spring, when he became connected with the boundary Survey Commission.

Their kindness was entirely unexpected on his part, and he did not think himself deserving of the high esteem of his neighbours as evidenced by their handsome gifts and address, and he could assure them that he would sacredly preserve and cherish their gifts, not only for their intrinsic value, but for the manner in which they were given. Mc Gregor, Paddock, Glover, Simmons, Plant, Scott, Mason, Smith, and others came to the members of this trust board at different times, and said, "Will you give me a place to bury my dead?

Dear Sir,-- I would ask as a favour a small space in your valuable paper on the eve of my removal from this Province to my new home in Manitoba in which to express my feelings of regret on leaving, and my appreciation of, and thanks for the consideration and kindness, I have at all times received from the cherished friends with whom I have been surrounded from my infancy. " their answer was yes, here is an acre of land given as a free gift by Mr.

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