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Our library is a reference collection, so books cannot be borrowed.If your research work is printed or approved as a thesis without being available in print, please let us have a voucher copy.In the catalogue room, you will also find an open-access library containing the most important reference books; these do not have to be ordered but are available straight away (for reading and copying).The open-access library comprises the most important encyclopaedias and lexical resources as well as Austrian military and state almanacs, directories of authorities, military ordinances, law gazettes, address directories, indices of place names, dictionaries, atlases, genealogical reference books (Gotha, Siebmacher etc.), biographical anthologies , regiment histories, works published by the general staff and much more.More details about the catalogues and how to use them will be provided below.Food, beverages, smoking and the use of mobile phones are prohibited in the catalogue room and the research room.

This way, we can ensure that your work will be accessible to future generations of researchers in our institution, and that our stocks of literature relating to the archives and their holdings can be expanded.

Please use the recreation zones for smokers (ground floor) and non-smokers (floor 1), where you will also find vending machines for snacks as well as hot and cold drinks.

Please do not bring dogs or other pets to the Austrian State Archives.

Accessible via an alphabetical author catalogue in the form of partly handwritten index cards and a catalogue in book form, respectively (printed version: . The catalogue was continued with handwritten supplements until 1923.

To ensure a better overview, the arrangement and allocation of reference numbers was changed to current numbers as from 1924.

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