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Whether by partners, peers, traditional gender roles, or inadequate sex education, women are being pressured—subtly or not so subtly—to engage in sexual acts they don’t particularly love and discouraged from demanding the sexual acts they do love. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook as @Dr Zhana, or watch my daily sex educational live video streaming broadcasts on Periscope. There is still work to be done in teaching young women how to say “yes” to the things they want and “no” to the things they don’t want. First, oral sex was less pleasurable with casual partners than with dating or cohabiting partners.Contrary to popular stereotypes, this pattern was true of men as well as women: Like women, men enjoyed giving and receiving oral in committed scenarios more so than in casual ones.Unfortunately, as you might expect, women were somewhat more likely to have given oral than were men (59% v.52%) and significantly less likely to have received oral than were men (44% v.Only 3% of men and 5% of women said it was “not very pleasurable” or “not at all pleasurable”.And women enjoyed getting head from hookup partners just as much as men did.

Reading it on my laptop in the aptly named Cafe Affaire in central London, I consider what she really wants: a no-strings-attached sexual relationship.Of the 900 students (57% female) who were heterosexual and had at least one sexual experience in the past, about 70% of both sexes reported their most recent sexual encounter involved oral sex, and there were no significant differences in giving or receiving oral sex between casual, dating, and cohabiting relationships for either gender.In other words, oral sex was no more or less likely to happen in hookups versus more committed types of sexual encounters.10%), and half as many women than men who had received but not given oral (11% vs. The Pleasure of Oral Sex Those who had done oral during their last sexual encounter were asked how pleasurable this experience was on a scale of from 1 (“not at all pleasurable”) to 4 (“very pleasurable”).Results are presented in the graph below, and there were a couple of patterns worth noting.

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