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By the way, I finally got my hands on those galactica blue-rays, are you up for a marathon of sci-fi goodness? Let`s see how rusty you are Pickup Alyssa after her photo session ------------------------------------------ I am sure the modelling life with Alyssa @ bar -------------------- I think Mungo really likes you I guess I don`t need to Nothing major - Get back to work - You are just a quick learner... - Give her 250$ - color doesn`t matter - Just go straight to work - She`s my girlfriend...

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I stayed there , in that restaurant ( or coffee house ...i m not sure what it is but it looks very suitable for the moment ) , just looking at her beauty over and over..... It should be a reference picture for any night out. I would buy it and i would put it on the wall home. If i would be a moderator i would replace the current sex scenes with something less dirty..something more soft...romantic .... Very hot game, both girls are stunning and the scenes are very well done. Great music and scenes, I was hoping for more in the endings but, a great game. If you choose wrongly there you don`t get your ending. * Click on salad * Click on salt on the shelf * Talk with Aly * Today was your big day...

During sex with Maria the hand rubbing starts to fail which eventually can break the sex scene. * Massage Maria`s shoulders * X * Fix the printer * Nothing major... * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Alyssa anyway) * (!!!

Error on displaying Maria vs Alyssa moods throughout game. * Send spicy sms to Alyssa * She`ll be tough one to crack...

Buy her some ice cream Play pool together For starters, Offer her a drink x2 Kiss her hand Talk with Maria Let`s see how rusty That was incredible- I saw a thread on this at sharks and came to check things and it seems people are having problems so I`ll post what I did in order to get to the sex scenes. Note that there are some variations possible in getting to the endings, and some randomness involved in mood increases.

X I`d rather Pull up x4 I must humbly Red (I like this color but choose whatevers you want) Yes I am Unplug Then I won`t tell You are right Make a phone prank Yes, I know Talk with Maria By the way Nonetheless It`s nice to see X Fix the printer Nothing major Talk with Maria Massage Maria`s Shoulders Get back to work You are just a quick learner Do you want me Some days Check Maria`s purse She`ll be tough Would you like to Pre pare for a date with Maria Talk with Maria You look Well, tell me Very phoenix-like. Near max mood then ask her: "Aly what happens" "I`ll be there" "You are right" "Something crazy" To Fuck Maria. be supportive, not interested in other women, you get the lonely ending. I was able to reach all 5 endings so here is walkthrough.

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