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George Sanders was also an Oscar winner with 30 years of stardom behind him when he came to Elstree to star in Endless Night with Hayley Mills.

Fearing increasing ill health and age, George then went to Spain, booked himself into a hotel room and mixed a lethal concoction of vodka and seconal, leaving a suicide note explaining he was bored with life.

Since the early 1900s, potential stars have flocked to Hollywood, and even in the old days to Borehamwood, in the hope of getting that elusive break that could make their dreams come true.

For some, becoming a household name brought wealth and happiness, but for others the dream turned sour with devastating results.

He died on March 27 and leaves Olga, his wife of 50 years, six sons and ten grandchildren.

In this age of instant celebrity it is more apparent than ever that people crave the fame and fortune that comes from being a movie star.

Sadly, in the 1970s, his son committed suicide and in 1978 his wife of 44 years died from cancer.

Unable to face life alone, two days later he took an overdose.

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During the 1930s and 1940s, Charles Boyer was Hollywood's adopted Frenchman, starring in scores of movies as the romantic lead opposite many famous leading ladies.

At the age of only 48, having just been offered an insulting bit part, Florence drank ant killer and died.

Her grave remained unmarked for 50 years until a film buff rectified the situation.

Peggy Entwistle never even got a good run in films before famously killing herself by jumping off the Hollywood sign. Meanwhile, another young actress was making it big at Elstree Studios, starring in early talkies under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock.

Lillian Hall Davis seemed to have it all, but her career nosedived and, suffering from depression, she cut her own throat at the age of 35.

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