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We update release tags and document detailed release notes.

We also send an announcement to libphonenumber-discuss for every release.

Another thing I like to do is to display the validation error message on the form in an otherwise hidden field: The problem with our last solution is that if the user saves a partially filled form, and picks it up at a later time, that error message that popped up is long gone, and the only indication that there is something wrong with the form is the modified field color.

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When you play around with the function, you’ll notice that the validation function is only called when the focus leaves the field, so you have to click outside of the field to actually make that error message pop up.

Let's say you have a string representing a phone number from Switzerland.

This is how you parse/normalize it into a More examples on how to use the library can be found in the unit tests.

We generally choose the release number following these guidelines.

If any of the changes pushed to master since the last release are incompatible with the intent / specification of an existing libphonenumber API or may cause libphonenumber (Java, C , or JS) clients to have to change their code to keep building, we publish a major release.

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