Who is benedict cumberbatch dating

You can still see a set of circular red steps, where Cleland’s owners would stand as they barked out orders to men forced to labour on the surrounding sugar plantation, which at its peak extended to 400 acres.

It was home to a community of disenfranchised men, women and children who — in one of history’s most shameful passages — were treated as property, and often worked to death, in service of the British Empire.

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The owner, 66-year-old Stephen Tempro, has lived here since 1985, eking out a modest living from the small herds of cattle and goats that graze his 150-odd acres, along with a smattering of small fruit and vegetable plots.‘This is a very difficult place to work,’ he says, from the seat of a rusty tractor.‘It’s very hilly and rocky, as you can see, and a lot of hard work has to go each year into maintaining the plantation.’The one-storey building, believed to be almost 400 years old, is filled with antique furniture and fading photographs.With its high ceilings, wooden floors, and walls covered with peeling paint, it has what estate agents might describe as rustic charm.The outing comes just one month after Benedict and Sophie had a cute day date at Wimbledon together.The pair, who have yet to confirm their newborn son's name, also made an appearance at the Serpentine Summer Party in London in July.

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