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Coupled with an alloy steerer and carbon fork (which also reduces bumps from the road) the overall weight is 9.9kg.Shifting is provided with a Shimano Claris groupset, and Boardman keeps the cost lower by speccing its own alloy handlebar, stem, seatpin and saddle – which means it can spend more on the frame development.However, if you’re new to cycling, or just don’t want to spend a huge chunk of cash on your new set of wheels, then we’re here to help you get the best deal on something cheaper.Cycling Sportives: everything you need to know The key difference between a bike for under £500 and a more expensive version will be the overall weight, the speed and crispness with which the gears shift between cogs and the urgency with which the brakes react.The geometry is much racier than many other options at this price point, so it’s one to consider if you’re looking to take your riding to a competitive level, or just like to ride fast. Whether it’s long distance or short commutes, the Triban will devour it all.Read the full review of the Vitus Razor here Read more: B’Twin Triban 520 road bike and B’Twin Triban 520 flat bar road bike review This bike sets out what a decent entry level road bike should be. It’s capable of taking tyres up to 32c (though the bike comes with 25c Michelin Dynamic Sport) if you want more cushioning for bumpy roads, and comes with Shimano Sora shifters for a triple chainset and a wide-range cassette on the back – this means there’s lots of gears to help out when the road goes up.Contrary to what might seem to be the case when you step into your average bike shop, it is possible to get a good road bike for under £500 – indeed we’ve reviewed cheaper road bikes from as little as £260 and been really impressed.We won’t lie: spending more is likely to provide you with a bike that will keep you going without the need for upgrades for much longer.

Buy now for £500 from Boardman Bikes Read the review: B’Twin Triban 500 Flat Bar road bike and B’Twin 500 SE drop bar road bike review If you want a bike that rolls speedily along the tarmac, but the idea of drop bars is off-putting, then a flat bar road bike (much like a hybrid bike) could really suit you.The overall weight is 10.6kg – the main frame being aluminium, with a steel fork.Vitus is the in-house brand at Chain Reaction Cycles and we felt this bike had a lot to give an entry-level rider.For bang on £500, you get a lightweight triple butted aluminium frame, carbon fork and a Shimano Tiagra groupset – which is one up from the Claris seen elsewhere.The brakes come from TRP, and the wheels are the brand’s own deep-section build.

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