Xbox 360 not updating via usb

Waiting for games to update is a pain, but the payoff can be quite nice.

Having upgraded from my original Xbox One to an Xbox One S and swapped my launch Play Station 4 for a Play Station 4 Pro, I understand the craving for the latest and greatest all too well.

In an simpler time, the Xbox One X might have been Microsoft's next-generation console, using its substantial memory, CPU and GPU upgrades to power games the original Xbox One and last year's Xbox One S could only dream about. Full HD, aka 1080p, displays an image that is 1,920 pixels wide and 1,080 pixels high.

It's a black box on top of a slightly smaller black box, nearly featureless on the front save the white light of the power button.

Unpacking this cool new system, plugging it in and booting into the same exact interface as the console that came before it is a bit of a letdown. The X does add a little 4K stinger to the front of the boot process. A lot of the Xbox One X's appeal is going to depend on how it enhances the games players want to play.

The Xbox One X version also supports 70 players per server and allows local co-op players to go their separate ways via split screen support. Microsoft's got a huge list of current and upcoming enhanced games.

With the 1TB model currently selling for half the price of the Xbox One X, unless you've got a really fancy TV or see an Xbox One X game enhancement you can't live without, the S is the system to get. Take a look at this chart, found on the official Xbox page.

The Xbox One S plays all the games, works with all the accessories, supports advanced audio technologies and plays and streams ultra HD video.

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